Friday, March 7, 2008

Crooked Mile Cemetery - Merritt Island.

People who have visited the cemetery have reported many happenings including unusual noises and sensing a strange presence.
These comments were left on
"My partner and I visited the cemetery during the daylight hours on January 26 and 27, 2008. Definitely active! We received many EVP's on the Digital Recorder at this location. For example, upon entering my partner said, "Let's go all the way to the back." Immediately after her statement, we could clearly hear a man with a raspy voice say, "All the way back." We also heard children singing - sounded almost angelic. A moan and heavy breathing was also detected. The man's voice that said, "All the way back", was one of the best EVP's we received; however, a close second was after I said, "He's leaving." A clearly distinctive whisper was heard saying, "With who?". We went back the following day and got erratic short breaths throughout the whole recording (sounded almost like a woman crying) and we also received a sound of a woman laughing. While our visit I made a point to verbally identify sounds in the area, such as a car driving by, a dog, any human voices, and etc. A clicking or knocking could be heard frequently through the visit on the recording"

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GenXSuicide said...

I'll say the same thing here as I said on, this cemetery is called GEORGIANA, and it's affiliated with Georgiana Methodist Church on the corner of Crooked Mile and S. Tropical.